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J. Bookwalter Winery

"Conflict" Red Blend

Dionysus Vineyard, Columbia Valley, Washington


Tasting Notes: 

Grape Varietals:

50% Merlot

47% Cabernet Franc

3% Syrah

Open Book


J. Bookwalter has grown from one of Washington’s oldest wineries into one of Pacific Northwest’s most recognized boutique wine brands. Their wines are wrapped in fun literary themes - a play on the family name - and because a portion of their revenue goes to supporting literacy in eastern Washington.

Ten generations of the Bookwalter family have been involved in American agriculture leading to the culmination of founding Bookwalter Winery in 1982. Jerry Bookwalter, of generation nine and father of current company president John Bookwalter, led the family into viticulture by studying at UC Davis and then working in the San Joaquin Valley. Jerry moved to Washington and helped manage the planting of Sagemoor, Bacchus and Dionysus  vineyards and then served as the vineyard manager of the famed Connor Lee Vineyard.

Cheese Platter

Cheese Pairing

Cypress Grove

"Midnight Moon" Aged Goat


Though known for the award winning Humboldt Fog cheese, Cypress Grove was founded by a single mother searching for a way to give her childred a healthy source of milk. Founded in 1983 by Mary Keehn, Cypress Grove is now considered a leader in the domestic goat cheese market and has been internationally awarded  for excellence. 

Blushing, ivory colored goat cheese that's been aged 6 months or more. Similar to a Gouda, as Midnight Moon ages, protein crystals form and lend a slight crunch to the otherwise dense and smooth cheese. Flavors are nutty and brow buttery to start, then evolves into a long caramel finish. ​


Somm's Notes

Two things: One - I love a well thought out brand and with other wines named after literary terms like conflict, protagonist, sublot, and other named after something book related - notebook and readers. It's a delightful turn at branding - chef's kiss. 

Two - I love when a region that is not as widely recognized really produces a stunner. Bookwalter wines do just that, consistent quality, and a depth of complexity that makes the argument that you shouldn't sleep on Washington wines - especially those reds!

An hour max drive from Seattle, and you can find yourself sipping some Bookwalter Wines at their tasting room in Woodinville. Enjoy the occasional live music and food on their outdoor patio. 

Only 1,880 (6-pack) cases produced.

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