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E . Bodin

Blanc de Blanc

Cassis, Provence, France


Tasting Notes: 

Aromas of fresh cut pineapple, hints of starfruit and other tropical fruits. Medium bodied with balanced acidity. Flavors of soft white grapefruit, citrus pith, gravel, and gooseberries. As the wine warms jasmine notes emerge on the nose and notes of lemon meringue and lemon verbena develop on the plate leading to a dry lingering finish. Lemon verbena.

Grape Varietals:

40% Marsanne

40% Ugni Blanc

20% Clairette

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Originally from Marseilles, the Bodin family moved to Cassis in the late 19th century. In 1901 Emilie Bodin started to cultivate the the family's land.

Emile began experimenting with varietals producing dry and mineral wines, which adapted well to the Cassisian soils known for producing dry and vivacious white wines.

Fast-forward to today, and E Bodin is still family owned and operated, adopting technology and new techniques, including the use of acacia wood in white wine production.



Though Provence is known for their light and breezy roses, the small coastal village of Cassis in the Provence region of France along the Mediterranean coast between Marseilles and Toulon, is known for their herbal white wines. Surrounded by rolling hills, Cassis can only dedicate 10% of land to agriculture.


Clay and limestone soils give wines of this region their bright and racy character. The Garrigue a French word used to describe landscapes of dry herb-strewn scrubland over limestone soils give Cassisian wines their notably herbal character. .


Somm's Notes

Definitely a wine for an explorer, seemingly simple at first, it's evolution in the glass is what draws me to this wine.


I love an interesting wine that's off the beaten path and with it's history and being one of the early adopters of the Texas vines (phylloxera resistant), Cassis became on of the first controlled appellations (AOC) joining other illustrious AOCs - Châteauneuf du Pape, Arbois, Monbazillac and Tavel.

As with most wines from the Old World, it's a natural partner for regional food - Provencal inspired. Recommendations include shellfish, grilled fish, and bouillabaisse. 

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