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Wine Bottles

2023 USD Wine Classic

Sippin Somm Wines, founded by University of San Diego alumna, Kristina Tomlin (2010), focuses on exploring and sharing the world of wine. The seed for Sippin' Somm Wines was planted a long time ago and after working in the wine industry and collaborating with winemakers from all over the world, new growth and new beginnings began to sprout in 2023 and plans to fully launch in the Fall. 

Kristina Tomlin is a current committee member of the 2023USD Wine Classic and hopes to share more memorable wine moments with the USD community in the future.

Sippin Somm Wines is grateful to our partners in the wine industry - especially Wanderlust Wines for their generous donations to the 2023 USD Wine Classic. We hope to carry these wines in our online store, coming Fall 2023. 


Launching Fall 2023

Sippin Somm Wines is excited to introduce you to the story of wine - each wine tells a story, and we hope you sip somm wine with us. 

Wine Bottles

Online Wine Shop

A hand curated selection of wines by our Certified Sommelier (CMS) from around the world with a special focus on small production wineries and winemakers who create art from grapes. Special offers. Themed selections.

Future empty bottles.

Sparkling Wine

Sippin' Soirees

From small intimate gatherings to larger parties. We offer wine centric events for your entertaining and educating pleasure. Private to corporate, and everything in between. Wines for an event? We've got you covered. 


Sip Society

A society for all wine sippers to enjoy the nectar of the gods. Interested in trying new wines or starting a collection, Sip Society is the club for you. Exclusive access to winemaker events, discounts on wine, member appreciation events, and more. 

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